Citizen Research Projects

More citizens recycle than vote. The desire for participation is clear. The Trash Lab intends to offer a platform for which people can discuss and debate ideas and actively engage in research projects to better answer those questions.

Landfill Mapping

What data exists for us to have a better understanding of where landfills exist? Is there a landfill near you?

Landfill Sensor Kit

Citizens want to know. This kit will give them the tools to understand what is really going on near their landfill.

Wifi Enabled Trash Cans

This trash can will automatically calculate the amount of waste your home throws out each day. That data can then answer some interesting questions.

Online and Offline Discussions

Both public and private discussions can help generate better understanding and help focus action to improve our waste system.


Waste research has been siloed! Can we begin to bring our collective writings together and see the full playing field?

Data Analysis

Big data is everywhere, even in trash. Lets us the data that is available to us to view the world of waste differently.